Horsenden Farm CIC

Horsenden Farm Community Interest Company (CIC) was set up in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic in April 20 and incorporated in June 20. The CIC is not the only group looking after the growing space on the farm site, but it is responsible for the main growing beds you see at the farm.

The spring/ summer of 2020 was our first growing season and, in a short amount of time, we managed to turn out an assortment of vegetables. In addition, we look after a small flock of chickens, providing fresh farm eggs which, along with our farm grown veg, are sold through the shop.

You may also notice the corrugated metal doors on the building in the car park, this is the CIC workshop. We are developing this space for farm projects and future community use. It’s already being used to mill and process wood from the hill and local area.

There will be more additions to the farm family in the future and we’re working with our Ranger and the Friends of Horsenden Hill, planning projects which will support conservation and regenerative agriculture on the hill.

As a community project we want people to enjoy the farm and help us create a working, urban, community farm. If you’d like to volunteer with the CIC then please contact