Hedgelaying season has begun!

The before pic

The first hedgelaying day of the season was held this weekend! An intro day with Clive Leeke, with a great group who did a fab job. This was a tricky section that really is more of an intermediate hedge than a beginners hedge, with some stems that a chainsaw could have made light work of..! We planted whips in the sparse bits as well, mainly hawthorn with some hazel, holly, dog rose, viburnum, wild pear, cherry plum, rowan and beech.

Over the next few years it’ll bush out nicely and will be a lovely habitat for nesting birds, little mammals will shelter in it and run along it to move safely out of sight of predators, and the regenerated hawthorns will make lots of lovely haws for the animals to forage.

Plus clearing that area lets more light in, so the understory (the ‘forest floor’) can have wild flowers growing again.

The hedgelaying course attendees, with tutor Clive Leeke in the middle

There are more courses coming up, see below for info. Please join the Horsenden Hedgeslayers for further hedgelaying, coppicing and other hedge related conservation adventures!

There are no upcoming events.