Bio-D cleaning products and refills

The farm shop has a small supply of Bio-D cleaning products, and offers refills for some of the items. Bio-D is a good option for cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and animal cruelty free. These are the prices:

Single items

Hemp oil bar soap£1.60
Hand soap (with pump)£4.50
Washing up liquid£2.20
Laundry detergent (liquid)£5.30
Laundry detergent (powder)£4.40
Laundry bleach£2.10
Toilet cleaner£2.50


Washing up liquid 750ml (fragrance free)£2
Laundry detergent liquid 1L (fragrance free)£5

How to get refills?

Bring an empty container of the correct size (750ml for washing up liquid, or 1L for laundry detergent) for us to refill. It can be an empty Bio-D bottle, or any bottle of suitable size.

Come to the farm shop 12-2pm on a Saturday and we’ll be happy to assist!