Corporate Volunteering

Horsenden is a popular choice for corporate volunteer and corporate social responsibility (CSR) days, and thousands have enjoyed a day at the farm and the benefits of a day spent at a unique location such as this.  Our past clients and partners for these sessions have included: Warner Brothers, Carbon Footprint, Trees For Cities, The Conservation Volunteers, Gucci, Sky, and many others. We know from feedback that they all have a great experience.

CSR and Corporate Volunteering

There are many benefits to both the companies/organisations and the volunteers in undertaking volunteering and CSR. To name a few:

  • Team work: through working together on outdoors conservation tasks, individuals and groups gain a better understanding of how they can communicate and work collaboratively, problem solving, developing their own leadership and teamworking capabilities
  • As a reward: spending time in a community farm and nature reserve, with the opportunity to socialise with colleagues while bonding over enjoyable practical tasks, is a pleasurable highlight for many
  • Satisfaction: there are great personal benefits in doing something worthwhile for nature and a local community; something tangible that they can be proud of at day’s end, that they know will be enjoyed by many
  • Wellbeing: spending a day in a beautiful place with abundant nature combined with the gentle-to-moderate exercise of doing practical outdoors tasks has an uplifting and positive effect on emotional and mental wellbeing

About the site

Horsenden is a nature reserve and working community farm in the borough of Ealing. At around 80 hectares, the site spans ancient woodland, meadows, ponds and wetlands, and hedgerows. It’s home to many animal, wildflower and tree species, some of which are rare for the area (such as dyer’s greenweed), and others which are indicator species for ancient woods (such as bluebells, wood anemones, dog mercury, wild service trees).

It is looked after by the Friends of Horsenden, a group of local volunteers who care for the site with the Ealing Park Ranger team, undertaking the long term conservation plan and seasonal site management for biodiversity and public use.

If Ealing is the “Queen of the suburbs“, Horsenden is the jewel in her crown.

What to expect?

The CSR tasks we offer are focused mainly on conservation and site management, contributing immensely to the biodiversity work undertaken on the site, and allowing the public to continue enjoying Ealing’s largest green space.

The tasks are practical and vary seasonally, but typical examples include:

  • planting new hedges and young trees
  • bramble bashing (ahead of new tree planting)
  • weeding and woodchipping
  • putting in fence posts (to create a new safe pasture for the farm cows, goats and/or pigs)

The volunteering tasks are outdoors and require a reasonable level of physical fitness, but we can offer lighter tasks to suit colleagues with reduced mobility.

The volunteer groups are supervised by our own volunteer leaders, and managed by the site ranger.

Farm volunteers installing new fence posts, to prepare the area for our goats to graze

If you’d like to make a booking enquiry, please fill out the form below and return it to, or email us there there with any questions.