Get in touch

Horsenden farm is looked after by local volunteers, in collaboration with Ealing’s ranger team. You can get in touch with the Friends of Horsenden Hill in the following ways:

Join the Facebook group for community updates, news, events and friendly discussions:

Follow on Instagram: @horsenden


Some commonly asked questions:

“Can I visit the animals?”

Unfortunately not! We aren’t set up to be able to host visitors in the working sections of the farm.

“How can I report antisocial behaviour or a fire or other urgent matters?”

For urgent matters such as reporting a fire, please call the emergency services on 999

“How can I get in touch with one of the farm businesses”

Click the business name under the Visiting tab on the menu, for their info and getting in touch with them directly

“Do you accept groups of or individual young people for volunteering?”

Currently the farm isn’t taking on additional groups of young people or offering under 18 volunteering opportunities, but we hope to do so again in the future. Register your interest by emailing