Welcome to Horsenden

Horsenden Hill and Horsenden Farm is in Perivale and Greenford, in the London borough of Ealing. It’s managed and looked after by the Ealing Rangers and volunteer group the Friends of Horsenden Hill.


Restoring, maintaining, and creating new habitat: ancient woodland, hedgerows, meadows and wetlands. Horsenden is home to many plants and animals


Hosting events celebrating the natural history and heritage of the hill, and bringing together locals and friends from afar to enjoy the farm and site


Encouraging people of all ages to experience and learn about nature, by getting involved in volunteering and seeing the seasonal changes over the course of the year

Learn about joining the Horsenden volunteers

Horsenden is the largest single nature conservation site within the borough at 90 hectares. It comprises of meadows, wetland and woodland habitat. A beautiful area of ancient woodland, grassland, ponds and hedgerows, it’s home to an abundance of wildlife and provides an opportunity to experience nature and escape from city life.

The site is broken up into three distinctive sections:

  • Horsenden East, bordered by Horsenden Lane North, contains large areas of woodland, with smaller patches of grassland which are managed by grazing the fields with cattle. There are amazing views from the summit which, at 84 metres above sea level, is the highest point in Ealing.
  • Horsenden West, on the opposite side of the lane and bordered by the Grand Union Canal, contains a mosaic of wildflower meadows, hedgerows and ponds.
  • On the southern side of the canal lies Paradise Fields comprising scrapes, reed beds and lagoons offering a peaceful haven for wildlife and visitors alike.

There are clearly marked walking trails throughout the area.

At the base of the hill is Horsenden Farm. Here visitors will find a children’s play park with swings, a maze and a pirate ship among other attractions; a restful Sensory Garden, enchanting original artwork and sculptured installations.

The Farm Courtyard and Hayloft are the centre of community events such as the Farm ShopPerivale Brewery Tap Days, guided nature walks, open days, craft workshops, foraging days, volunteer activities and much more.

The children’s play area and the car park are open 365 days a year. The Gruffalo trail and Horsenden Hill is accessible from the farm’s car park during the park opening times.

The farm shop and café

The Horsenden Loaf bakes fresh savoury and sweet delicious things and serves decent coffee (and other drinks) from the Hayloft, 11-2 on Fridays and 10-4 Saturdays & Sundays.

Perivale Brewery sell bottles of beer on Saturdays and on some Fridays – get in touch with them to check if they’ll be open.

Tap days

Perivale Brewery and the Horsenden Loaf host monthly tap days. Tables and chairs are put out, and often local musicians do a jamming session. There is draught beer on tap, and clay oven baked pizzas.

Perivale Brewery is a micro brewery (Mike says its really a nano brewery) that brews at the farm, creating seasonal small run batches, often with locally foraged ingredients.

Not to be missed!